The MetaSystem

Most weight loss programs work from the "outside in" requiring you to count carbs, calories or regulate and restrict the types and amounts of your food intake. While it's true calorie consumption can determine one's weight, dramatic decreases in calorie intake only enables weight loss to a certain point. Once you reach that point, your body's metabolic processes can slow as a response to the caloric decrease making further weight loss difficult, if not impossible. When this occurs, your body may begin to break down muscle tissue in order to obtain the nutrients it needs to survive. This is truly the "Dieter's Dilemma" which may be both unhealthy and dangerous, not to mention negatively effecting your weight loss efforts.

Judy Singer's MetaSystem approaches weight loss from the "inside out" by combining unique and proven all-natural herbal formulas with proper nutrition and exercise. The MetaSystem keeps your metabolism stimulated and functioning optimally, allowing you to reach your weight loss goals while enhancing your energy too.


Judy Singer's MetaSystem products offer a combination of all-natural herbal pills, supplements, extracts and remedies that are safe yet "The Most Powerful, Natural Way To Lose Weight™". With the proper dosage, the MetaSystem will help…

  • Cleanse your body of the toxins that retain fat.
  • Boost your metabolism and burn more calories.
  • Process your food intake more efficiently and effectively.
  • Suppress your appetite.
  • Reduce cravings and…
  • Energize you physically and mentally so you'll start feeling better and happier.

You can't do all of the above and lose weight quickly when you just count calories or carbs or suffer through food intake restrictions.

The secret to the efficacy of the MetaSystem Weight loss Program is Judy Singer's unique, personalized counseling approach—our trained counselors are only a phone call away to fully support your weight loss efforts. We help you every step of the way to achieve your maximum potential results.

The MetaSystem has been helping thousands lose weight for 25+ years. We stand ready to help you too.


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