The Judy Singer Story

Judy Singer Before and After picHello. I'm Judy Singer. If you're looking to lose 20 pounds or more, I believe I know what you are going through and how you feel and I believe I can help you. Just follow my highly effective and free counseling program and I am confident that you will attain your weight loss goals. Actually, I will guarantee it. First let me tell you why, then I'll share how.

Twenty something years ago, I had a severe weight problem – one that was continually depressing me and affecting my health. Like most of my friends, I had tried everything imaginable--every weight loss program that sounded good and even the ones that sounded too good. You know - those here today, gone tomorrow diet fads of the day. And, like my friends, I wanted to lose weight but I didn’t want any energy-zapping diets restricting what I could eat, or worrying about counting calories or this or that. Then one day, a friend introduced me to The MetaSystem.

Here's what happened. Since nothing else had worked, I gave it a try. Why not! I had nothing to lose but 50 pounds and bulging inches everywhere. I was afraid to look in the mirror. Well, I followed the program as directed and yes, lost all the weight I was trying to lose and have been able to keep it off for 25+ years. I went from a size 16 to a size 8 in just 3 1/2 months. And, most important, I feel great - every day. I have energy; I look so much better and I am really happy. I regained my self-confidence, self-esteem and, needless to say, my personal life took a real turn for the better. That’s when I realized that The MetaSystem was so much more than all of those fad diets. It really worked. It was the real thing. It changed my life.

I wanted to tell the world. So, I became a distributor for The MetaSystem company and everywhere I went, I shared my experience with anyone who would listen and began helping friends and strangers lose weight. My business grew. I was thrilled and eventually became the company spokesperson and exclusive marketer. I learned right from the start that when I gave these customers (friends and strangers alike) personal attention and one-on-one advice and support, today we call it counseling, the results were exceptional.

Here’s why…

YOU'RE NOT ALONE. What I learned during the early years was that with any weight loss program, people desperately wanted and needed help - personal encouragement, motivation and truly concerned support -"hand-holding" if you will. I certainly did. Quite simply, without one-on-one personal support, weight loss programs just aren’t as effective. With support, your chances for life-changing results are significantly increased. And, it was particularly true with the MetaSystem because the all-natural herbal formulas – while safe (we’ve never had a health problem in 25+ years) - were powerful and effective. We noticed that some clients had different results from the same dosage levels. This revelation drove us to the conclusion that no one is average, so we developed a Counseling Program to personalize and customize the product dosage; maintain effective dosage adjustments in the early weight loss stage; and, provide the much-needed personal support that really helped our clients lose inches and weight and feel great while doing it. Since the Counseling Program worked so well, we recommend it strongly for anyone who really is serious about his or her weight loss efforts. Today, we include our convenient telephone based Counseling Program free for all MetaSystem clients because we know how effectively our program and products work together.

We also expanded our product line to five different products, which are then customized to each person.

Let me help you reach your weight loss goals. 25+ years of results is not a coincidence.

Judy Singer



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